Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well, I haven't posted here in QUITE a long time...and since there is PLENTY of funny stuff that STILL happens around here, I thought I better get my butt in gear and start telling ya'all some of these stories.

I figure I'll start with this one: "OK"

Flying from Juneau to Phoenix, we got on the 'milk-run' and stopped at nearly EVERY stop that Alaska Airlines goes to - we even flew on a Horizon plane that day for one of the legs of that long journey - something like 18 hours to get to Phoenix. . . rediculous!!!

Anyhow, we had a super-long trip (complicated by the fact that we were traveling with a cat) and after stops in Sitka, Ketchikan, Seattle & Portland ... we finally had a lay-over for a few hours, so we camped out at the gate at the Portland airport with our books/magazines and cat. It was pretty much just us at that gate. Quiet.

I wandered into the big, empty, echo-y bathroom ...... and ....... then I heard ...........

Some lady came into the bathroom (I have no idea who said woman is, because I was happily hiding behind a stall door.)

Then again I heard, "OK" as the door NEXT TO ME opened.
"OK," she said again as the door closed..... and then......

"OK" Locking stall door
"OK" Purse on hook
"OK" Jacket on hook
"OK" Getting the potty protector paper out of its cardboard home on the wall
"OK" Putting the potty protector paper on the seat
"OK" (I'm guessing cause she got herself 'prepared' to sit)

and then she sat and said, "OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OKAAAAY"

It was seriously all I could do not to laugh out-loud!

...the sound of tinkling started and ...... of course! she said, "OK"

I could NOT get out of there fast enough! I gathered my jacket and bag and darted to the sink to wash my hands when in the mirror in front of me I saw a reflection of the door behind me opening and heard "OK"

I ran out of the bathroom...

Mike said, what's wrong? Are you 'ok'? I said, "please don't ask me THAT!!! I am fine, but I am not OK."

ha ha ha - seriously for MONTHS after that, I was catching myself wanting to say "OK" but so far I have not become addicted to that word.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Christopher's Graduation in May

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The kids graduated on 5.22.08

Both Kids Graduated 5.22.08

Christopher graduated from Globe High School

Alyx graduated from High Desert Middle School

This is our future ladies & gentlemen!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kids in a Car

The kids have done really well being stuck in a car most of the day, but that we are 'home' for a week or so, they are able to stretch their legs and play a bit.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Arkansas today

These pictures were taken at the Arkansas River in Redfield.
After a short visit with family, we went to Benton to stay the night.
About 10 minutes before we got there a tornado set down and did some damage, then another tornado came through after we settled in our hotel room. Lots of excitement tonight but we are all fine.
We plan to do some driving around tomorrow.
Zeke, Max & Zepp are having fun with GamPa.

Friday, March 28, 2008

This was today...

Got to see Robenna today, she is beautiful and the twinkle is right where it is supposed to be in her eyes. I love her so much.

Topher went to the valley for a symphony concert :)
Aly is at home :(

Zeke ate poop today, STUPID DOG!

4 more days till we leave for the 'catfish lunch' with Aunt Kat. Hope she doesn't mind if I don't eat catfish...

Max had three asthma attacks today and I think Mike nearly fell off the sofa laughing. (We are a little disfunctional around here if you haven't guessed that already.) today. I am hoping for a pinker day tomorrow. It is amazing how my heart just breaks when Aly is sad. My baby bug is going to miss 8th grade group photo & cheer try-outs.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The day the lizard kicked Zepp's butt...

Meet ZeppLynn:
  • She is a naughty cat by nature and we are always laughing anytime she is in the room, but the other night we weren't paying attention to her and she just screamed and screamed at us. We looked at her and she ran behind the curtain... Okay, playing a game. Nope, wrong. Topher ran over to check on her and jumped up on the BowFlex and started yelling at us.
  • "She's got a lizard," he yelled so Dad & I went over to check on her. Dad told him to get it away from her, but he refused to touch the carpet and unless his super-powers kick in soon, he won't fly over to her.
  • I picked ZeppLynn up but she didn't let go of that lizard - AND - she didn't stop screaming. Dad came over to help with the situation to discover that Zepp didn't have that lizard, that lizard had her!!! That little tiny defenseless lizard (that probably got in because we had a nice warm day and left the door open) had that stupid cat in a grip. Poor little guy probably bit her to defend himself, but somehow he got one of her paw-pads stuck in his mouth and couldn't get free. So we decided the poor lizard was likely more afraid than Zeppio.
  • Dad got the lizard free from Zepp's paw and set him free in the yard.

Both Lizard & ZeppLynn are safe from any harm and have both been able to resume their normal daily activities... my sides still hurt from laughing.

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